Saturday, 7 April 2012

Olympic Tickets

When someone like the father of Sir Chris Hoy is forced to complain about our leading cyclist's limited opportunity's to purchase tickets to allow his family to watch the cycling then you know that we have a problem. I have complained from the onset that the complex and unfair system was designed so that someone somewhere could cream off the best tickets.

Now it is becoming increasingly clear that these games will be tainted because many of the people who have supported, trained and encouraged our athletes will be unable to attent the events whilst others who are rich and socially connected will have access to events that they know nothing about. It is likely to have an effect on performance. Any sportsman knows that having the right people around you is a spur to greater achievement.

When greed and avarice is allowed to dictate a national event so that the people themselves cannot get involved in a fair and sporting manner then someone is to blame. Clearly the Political Class have manipulated these ticket sales to their own advantage and they will not be forgiven.


Anonymous said...

Yes and the tickets are all being printed in America (? opportunity for British Industry - ha!)
and everyone lucky enough to have them will have to pay £6.00 distribution charge on top. Whilst I.m on 91% of souvenirs are being produced abroad as well 62% in China.

bryboy said...

I have already picked up on that one. We win the Olympics and yet British industry is ignored. Coe and his group of chancers (LOCOS) have much to answer for...they have demeaned our Games long before they begin. Long after these Games have passed all that will be remembered are the dishonesty of a few hand picked individuals!