Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Do we need to march!?

As the people of the 'affluent' west continue to see their living standards eroded by corrupt politicians and bankers I begin to wonder how much the people will accept before they say 'I am fed up with this'! What will it take before the masses suddenly begin to understand that they have been totally ripped off by the New World Order? 

As the economies of countries like China, India and Brazil take off into the stratosphere the 'old guard' of world peace struggle to meet their debts. The people are being systematically impoverished. Old fashioned 'Law and Order', old fashioned 'Fairness', old fashioned 'Morality' have all been under attack from a silent and secret foe which is attacking the principles of 'Christianity'. 

So as a pawn in this power game what can I do? How can I retain a semblance of sanity when all round me I see devilment. I am not a 'believer' but I do recognise the difference between good and evil. The basic principles of Christianity has served us well for centuries. The ten commandments have always been the building blocks for any decent society. 

How far will we, the public, allow the elite to descend into the abyss before we say 'This is not right'? What will it take before we have to defend our children, our property and our meaningful lives from well almost any threat?  Who is protecting me from the foreign invasion? OK so far it is not a direct threat but look at the London riots last year when the police melted into the background.

How long will it be before the banks apologise for losing your money? How long will it be before your pensions cannot be honoured? What will it take before you realise that you have been screwed beyond your imagination and your life is valueless?

I know you will think that I am a nutter and I seriously hope that I am wrong but this is the direction into which we are heading. I know that you all believe that in our society it could not happen but I remember the 1950's. In those days we had never heard the word paedophile and all children played happily, without any parental control, in the parks and streets.

In those days many men went to work in a hard, physical, environment and brought home a regular, guaranteed, wage packet. Thousands had a camaderie that served us well in two World Wars. Mum stayed at home and was always on hand to stabilise the family. Loyalty was the code and if anyone broke that code then they were dishonoured. The only people who ever broke that code had money and attended universities like Oxford and Cambridge (and still do).

If anyone had told me that the society of the 1950's could have been dismantled to such an extent that by 2012 criminals could commit over 200 crimes before they were jailed I would have scoffed. As you know I could continue with many examples. So if I say to you that we must reverse this trend because if we don't then one day you will be forced to barter so that your family will avoid starvation would you listen? 

If you continue along these lines someone will steal your house. If we continue along these lines some of you will beg for water in a country that has more water descend on it than almost any in the planet. The directors of these public utility companies would prefer to take millions in bonuses than mend the leaks and you accept that!

If you continue to believe that you are in 'safe hands' and that the Queen is still your monarch then I am sorry but you will deserve all that you get. Angela Merkel has more authority than Elizabeth Windsor. Get used to it! If you don't like it then change it or at least challenge it. We are the public and we can change it and challenge it. We can do it in any which way that we want. We can switch on and do it through the ballot box or we can get real and do what we have to do. 

We pensioners have power but we just do not believe it. If you want to save the nation then we must only do one thing we must ....MARCH!


Bill said...

I'll be you will want to march in London because that is where the gubmint lives, where the meejah lives, where the Crown lives and where her maj lives so it is bound to send the message enough is enough.

Sorry to disappoint and apologies if I am way off beam here but marching simply gives the state a clear target to aim for.

What we all need to do is act as individuals because the state cannot handle individuals acting in a similar fashion but independent of each other. It is geared up to deal easily with the London March and the odd nutter like the clown who jumped into the boring boat race but a mass of experienced individuals saying NO in whatever way they individually see fit is outside of their comfort zone and best of all the state ignores everything outside of its comfort zone so they will never see the end until it smacks them in the chops.

Out of left field as our colonial cousins say...

Anonymous said...

I was on a march in Feb 2003 along with another 2m people to try to stop the up'n'coming war in Iraq. What good did that do bryboy? When has a march ever succeeded in its principles? It hasn't.

This is what I was meaning in my last reply to you on the Obama post about you being an eternal optimist but ignorant to the power that we face.
You think the people will saay "enough is enough". Really? When?
The banks never lost our money, they TOOK our money!! Immigrants are not only taking our jobs but smashing our culture and the programmed indigenous welcome them, protect them and don't give a shit about their societies demise.

The cost of living has rocketed in the last 20 years. The average increase is around 300% (alcohol, cigarettes, food, rent, transport etc) and yet the rise in minimum wage is 70%. What have the people done in protest? Smoking's been banned. Pubs are shutting down. Gangs roam the inner areas of major cities....

There is nothing, absolutely nothing 'peaceful' you or anyone else can do to stop the placement of the NWO's one wrld government and total control system. Do you not realise that soon, writing such as yours will be seen as terrorist activity and anti state? Do you not realise that the time for the masses to act has already come and gone? My last reply explains the situation pretty well, but you epitomise the optimist who likes to discard reality and wish something miraculous will happen. It won't. It's time to pinch yourself, time to see what really is but moreso what won't ever happen. That is put your 11th hour mentality.

bryboy, the police are made up of the people who systematically assault, abuse and kidnap members of the public. Not one has ever been charged and imprisoned for murder, yet how many people have been imprisoned for non payment of taxes? The local politicians do not do the jobs they do representing the people's wishes but are elected time and time again. What does that say about the ignorance and stupidity of the people who continue voting in left or right in the general election pantomime every 4 years?

You think you can do something to educate a moronic populous of wilfully ignorant automatons, nothing but football and Xfactor junkies? Why, and more importantly what makes you think they will listen and take heed?

I'll tell you the bitter truth of the reality that's going to come. The totalitarian NWO's one world government and total control network is already here. The people will continue to do nothing. All taboos will become legal. Human life will be even more worthless than it already is.

I strongly suggest you find happiness in the rest of your life bryboy because all you will find is misery in trying to stop the unstoppable the people have themselves created.



bryboy said...

Sorry Harbinger but some of us don't give up that easily. I am beginning to believe that you are part of the problem. In your convulated way you are trying to shut down debate. You have given up; so just possibly you are doing their job for them? Are you not a disciple of Common Purpose allowed to assault the blogs to stifle free speech? You do seem to have a lot of time on your hands. I see you everywhere arguing for the establishment. Your message is always 'We are f***ed, we are all doomed so give up! Get a life Harbinger. Find another blog to disrupt. I admire freestyle debate but at 41 years of age you have a lot to learn!

bryboy said...

Bill, I take your point but it is difficult for people with families and responsibilities, not to mention age' to protest. It takes courage! Courage can be found in numbers. My local social club found my idea of thousands of pensioners continually walking in circles in London between a variety of pedestrian crossings and disrupting the traffic hilarious! They could see themselves doing it because it is legal and effective.

The public have the power. It just needs harnessing.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your charming reply.
I never expected it from you to say the least.
Now it's my turn.

I called you an eternal optimist but reading your reply I see nothing but an old fool. And you, in your pathetic ramblings have the audacity to state I have a lot to learn????

It is the people like you who continue to vote and support the corrupt system.
It is the people, like you who support the armed forces, who kill in the name of democracy and excuse them for their actions because "it's their job"
It is the people like you who want to go on marches.
It is the people like you who attack those who speak the truth, ridiculing them because they are 41, believing because you are older you are wiser. Classic case of shooting the messenger. And one is not automatically wiser because they are older. You prove that case.

It is somewhat ironic that I was coming here to write a reply to say I didn't want you to think I was having a go at you and I come to see you've launched an attack, because as usual, my truth offends.

And the piece de resistance is you think I'm a CP/NWO shill? ROTFLMFAO!!!!
Oh boy, I've been called lots of things but that's a first. An accusation that proves what an ignoramus you are. You, unlike me do not take into account history, more importantly, the reprogramming of society. You are (like many seeking to destroy the NWO) unaware that the battle is not against the elites, but trying to reverse the damage done to culture and traditional ways of life, gone forever, an irreversible process. The battle is ultimately against people, for they build, maintain, work for and protect the system that enslaves them. You stupidly think, along with many, that the system is salvagable and can save your society that died a long time ago.
You think that even though politicians have destroyed the UK, we can put new ones in to 'sort out the problem'.

You have attacked me because you want to believe that what I prophesise can be undone, when there isn't a hope in hell through the many examples I've given, in my many posts as to why.

This will be the last time I frequent your blog. You are pissing against a tsunami and an utter fool to think you can stop what will be. You show your ignorance by believing me to be one of the bad guys. I simply see what is and accept it can't be changed. As I said in a reply to Captain Ranty, I am called negative because I don't back the unfit, fat bloke, who's never exercised a day in his life in an up'n'coming 100m race against Linford Christie. The public is the fat bloke.

Continue attacking the truth if it makes you feel better. Either way, you can't do shit to stop the inevitable. LOL


Bill said...

Sorry to disagree but there it is. 'The public' like the 'establishment' only exist in the minds of men. (by men I am of course referring to men and women)

The concepts are placed in the mind to set that mind in conflict. A conflicted scared mind is dead easy to subjugate and control which is precisely what those of the 'establishment' mind do throughout their lives.

You think like a member of the public and you may be correct in thinking that the public has the power but the problem is those in the establishment KNOW the public only has the illusion of power.

They put up cretins in different colour parties for their election charade and the public either take no notice or go out and vote for a cretin placed before them by the establishment. There is a reason why the 'parties' have become closer together in the way they act and that reason is the establishment now seems to be much surer that it has the measure of their slaves so there is less need to hide behind the 'party difference' scam or perhaps they simply know that the Regionalisation of Europe is now unstoppable.

Disrupting the capital is idiotic in the extreme. Why would anyone try and disrupt the one place in the country that is best set up to cope with disruption?

If you are going to disrupt something pick something that can be totally shut down for the day or for days on end by people power.

For the record
I have a family with teenage kids. I am fifty one years of age and most of those years have been spent in blissful ignorance of what the state does.
I know as many ignorant teens as I do fogies and any generation in between. Age is not some magical potion that creates wisdom.

Crowd based courage melts when the crowd melts.

It doesn't take courage to stop or delay tax payments, nor does it take courage to say no when a state drone asks for your details nor does it take courage to buy ciggies off whitey van man or import them on a fag cruise.
There are a myriad of ways to rap the knuckles of the hands inside your pocket and as many ways to withdraw your consent to be a member of the United Kingdom.

Each to their own but marching has zero effect on the establishment never has and never will.