Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Home Office Mandarins!

During my time with the Asylum Appeals Service ( not the real title but it changes frequently) I regularly came into contact with the Home Office. From the very first day that I was appointed it was clear to us all that the Home Office was not fit for purpose. They were allowing the importation of people from all over the world and they were concealing the scale of it.

On our induction course we were informed that the backlog of files awaiting our attention was nine time the area of our car park! Immigration files had been hidden in as many cupboards as the Home Office mandarins could find. Some had even been dumped in  containers parked in lay-bys and then forgotten. When I read the files of the incomers I soon believed that Home Office officials were touring the globe encouraging waves of immigrants to take advantage of a system designed to favour them.

In the late 1990's and the early years of the twenty first century every man and his dog were given leave to enter the UK. On top of that the illegals were allowed access from any port that they favoured. When they were caught they were just told to report to an office in Croydon which almost had a welcome mat at the entrance. No effort was ever made to deport them. The occupation of the UK had clearly been sanctioned by the Home Office and they conducted it like a well rehearsed orchestra.

Fast forward to 2012 and the Home Secretary has just been embarrassed by the very same Home Office mandarins (and of course she is not the first). They have been orchestrating the social engineering that is changing our country and now they have just stitched up their boss! Can you believe that they persuaded poor, deluded Theresa May to stand up in the House of Commons and announce that we were deporting Abu Khatada and then announce that they had miscalculated the date!!!   

Of course he can now appeal and he will be set free which of course is the agenda of the Home Office. These senior civil servants control the country. They are referred to as the 'Sir Humphreys' but I would bet that they all have close links to the EU and Common Purpose. In PM's Question Time this week the PM ducked a question from one of his own backbenchers about the power of the Home Office mandarins. He dismissed it all too readily because he knew that it was aimed at the heart of his deception.

It is now obvious that the mandarins rule the politicians and so our vote means nothing. It matters not how you vote because the mandarins will rule as they always have. The hilarious BBC comedy  programme 'Yes Prime Minister' is actually not so funny now that it is reality! 

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bewick said...

I am not sure that you are right that the mandarins rule the politicians. I am sure that "Sir Humphreys" played games. Their equivalents in Local Government did the same but rarely succeeded.
You are aware of my history. What I CAN say with total certainty is that during the 1980s Labour local politicians started the total "politicisation" of supposedly "politically neutral" officers. I'm sure that by 1997 that process was complete and the unprincipled "Sir Humphrey" danced to his political master's tune.
I saw, in the 1980s, otherwise sound and professional Chief Officers "jump" to the demands of politicians for fear of being sacked on totally trumped up charges. I saw a couple or so sacked, on trumped up (perhaps not - they had transgressed in a minor way) charges because they insisted in giving non-political professional advice. The **** lickers were favoured. Even promoted beyond their abilities (Peter Principle)
They couldn't catch me because I never transgressed but I wouldn't abandon the "politically neutral" demands of my conditions of service. Easily fixed. They made me redundant and then paid millions to one of the top 5 consultancies to replace my advice. They could set the political terms with those!
For me ? Best thing ever. I suddenly earned 3 times as much as a freelancer and totally without the stress.
This morning on Today I heard Gus O'Donnel. He was impressive and gave me heart that there were still perhaps some in the Civil Service, who continued in "politically neutral". Maybe he was lying. Who knows.