Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Lord Mayor of London

Tonight on Newsnight two clowns clashed! What a pair of total prats! These are the two people actually standing for the prestigious position of Lord Mayor of London and they have been allowed by the BBC to dominate the debate on the forthcoming election.

If this is what politics has become frankly we need a change. They are just scoring petty political points from each other. Neither cares a jot for the 'Londoner' they believe that they are already just a single issue. It is just Boris against Ken...nobody else matters. You Londoners do not have a choice between the clowns. It is just Boris against Ken with a little distraction from Brian Paddock, a sometime Liberal gay policeman who believes that he matters. 

You 'Londoners' however also have an opportunity to follow up from Bradford West. You also have candidates from UKIP, the Greens, the BNP and an Independent. You 'Londoners' could  send a message to the western world. You  could overturn the political platform. You may only have this one opportunity to tell Boris and Ken that their day of duplicity is done.  

This is a REAL opportunity for the electorate to send a message to the Political Class. Once again I beseech you to ignore Ken/Boris/Brian and cast your vote elsewhere. They are all self obsessed twats. Please protest when the day arises. Look at the policies (or lack of them) and make your choice BUT please do not forget that all the mainstream parties have consistently lied to you.

We must make this election count. You must acknowledge that these two clowns will always lie to you. They are abject mainstream politicians who care not for you and they have been allowed to dominate the BBC engineered debate. It beggars belief but the population of London largely mirrors that of Bradford.

The candidates are purely a joke!  Unfortunately there is not a George Galloway standing in London.

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