Monday, 2 April 2012

They still don't get it!

'Geeky Toff'
One would think that after the hammering that the Labour Party got in Bradford West at the hands of George Galloway last week that at least one of them would understand what happened? Listening to Ed Miliband today it is clear that he still doesn't get the message. 

I strongly hope that, at long last, the British electorate have learned from the last election that we have been duped. Having almost been economically destroyed by 13 years of Labour, the nation once again, gave the Conservative Party an opportunity to make amends and they have blown it. They have reneged on so many election pledges that the bond has been broken. 

The public are sick of listening to geeky toffs like Ed Miliband thinking that we will still believe their baloney. Once again he stood up blamed everything on the other party and yet still did not present one concrete proposal. He has decreed that the Labour Party will now concentrate on Crime and anti social behaviour. They had 13 years to sort this out when they were in government and it got worse. 

He still fails to give any detail on how he would tackle it. Would he build more prisons? Would he toughen the prison regime? Would he encourage longer sentences? Would he appoint judges with one foot in the real world? Not one concrete proposal and he thinks that we have not heard it all before. He is insulting the electorate and he will pay a high price. I think he is dead man walking but the alternative is yet another 'geeky toff' with no concrete policies.

These upcoming local elections are important. We could if we are shrewd break the stranglehold that the main parties have on the town halls across the country. All we need to do is copy Bradford and vote for the minority parties or the independents. If we don't get the choice then we don't vote but if somebody is willing to stand for election against the Political Class then we should get behind them. 

This Political Class is so arrogant that they believe they will continue their deceit forever. They are still claiming unreasonable expenses, they still jolly on their fact finding missions in exotic resorts and they still award themselves long holidays. It must cease!


SAB said...

Geeky toff ... priceless! - I can't stand to even look at that guy. His face just.. annoys me for some reason?. Not a good figurehead for a political party. And he just waffles on about what they 'wouldn't do' but never actually SAYS anything. urrghh!

bryboy said...

SAB he is one of our best weapons! As long as he remains leading this moribund collection of losers then it is one less enemy to worry about. Yvette Cooper was the just the same on the 'Marr Farce'. She just couldn't find a policy even if she bothered to answer the questions put to her.