Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Leveson Inquiry (continued)

I did suggest in my last post that if you inconvenience the Murdochs then you may pay the penalty. So after almost a full day when James Murdoch appeared to lose his memory at a remarkably young age we are left with a Culture Secretary being encouraged to resign by a the leadership of a politically opportunistic Labour Party. Did we ever expect anything else? One thing about modern politics and the Labour party is that, after 13 years of disaster, they grab every opportunity to attack the opposition.

Don't ever however, ask them to put forward a concrete proposal which would benefit the electorate. Yesterday Ed Miliband was given such an opportunity on SKY news and replied that he would wait for the next election before presenting any sort of manifesto. Clearly he has no beliefs, no passion and no conviction. The name of the game is power.

But back to the Leveson Inquiry...who is Jeremy Hunt? When Vince Cable was sacked (for showing off to two young, attractive female journalists) from his quasi-judicial position of deciding on a billion pound media deal involving the Murdochs he was replaced by one Jeremy Hunt. I had never heard of him so I wondered why he had been selected for this controversial position.

Now it has become evident that he already had a slant on the deal. The Murdochs have released a stream of EMails which appear to suggest that Mr Hunt was on 'their' side. Why they have done it is still a mystery to me.  So who appointed Mr Hunt? Now that is the conundrum because the PM appointed him and has he not got form where News International is concerned? This is beginning to smell and the smell is drifting ever closer to Downing Street. At some point somebody might just start to join up the lines and link Brooks, Coulson, Murdoch, Cameron, Hunt, Blair, Brown etc etc!

Labour cannot deny their links with the Murdochs. We are beginning to see the cracks in the web of corruption. There is of course one person who has presided at the heart of these years of political decadence who never gets drawn into the spotlight. The Head of the Civil Service, Gus O'Donnell, always stays out of the limelight and yet he spins the web. I wonder when someone will call him before the Leveson Inquiry?

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