Sunday, 1 April 2012


I have been posting for some time now that our politicians, or at least a faction of them, want to turn this country into another version of East Germany. We have always said that it could not happen but this Coalition cabinet under a 'Conservative' Prime Minister are proposing to pass a law giving them access to our private E-Mails. It is ludicrous! As ever they do everything under the pretence of the security of the country.

These politicians have imported terrorism, they have imported Mafia style killings, they have imported 'grooming' and more than anything else they have imported a sex trafficking trade. The visitors to our capital city during the Olympics could be confronted with every perverted industry imaginable. London is the pits!

So now we face intrusion into every aspect of our lives and it will be legal. What are these politicians on? Why do they need this type of control? We all know the threat and it is not white and Christian. Absolutely no way should we allow them to introduce further restrictions to our freedom? 

When NoLab wanted to do this the then Conservative party refused to consider it. It would now appear that we do not have a 'Conservative' party. A lot of people are beginning to realise that but not as many people who have realised that conversely we do not have a 'Labour' party.  I do not like George Galloway because I don't trust him but then the performance of UKIP is really not up to par. They only have Nigel Farage which is not enough. I am too old to be a candidate but I am not too old to plot a revolution.   



Ripper said...

Bry, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks of Galloway as such, the important thing to note here is that the people of Bradford have, in effect, told the main 3 parties to get lost.

I don't like Galloway either and I'm not pleased that he's won the by election. However I am over the moon that the others haven't. The Lib Dems even lost their deposit so I think there's a strong message here.

The snooping planned by the gubmint is called 'Legal Interception' as far as I know. I was reading about it the other day and apparently its been around in a mild form for a while. However, by coincidence the NSA in the states is onto the same thing, they're building a data centre in the middle of the desert, heavily fortified and bigger than Washington. It will house 2 supercomputers, the fastest in the world, with a capacity of 1 yotabyte. That's enough capacity to record and store every phone call, email, instant message or any digital communication in the world for 5 years. So if our government are planning to spy on us, this is where the data will go.

bryboy said...

As usual Ripper you are bang on the button. Thanks also for the info on the super computer. It all ties in because they are trying to create a governmental society where nothing is secret unless they want it to be. I believe that we must carry the momentum of Bradford West into the forthcoming local elections and we should not leave it to ethnic minorities to do it for us!