Sunday, 29 April 2012

Missiles on the Rooftops?

Today I heard that Londoners had been warned to expect ground to air missiles on some of their rooftops! Is this for real? What are the government scared of? Are they really using the Olympics to scare the 'Bejasus' out of the rest of us? They are spending a small fortune of taxpayer's money protecting the Political Class but guided missiles?

I have said it often. We are an island nation. Nobody should enter this country without the knowledge of the authorities. They themselves conspired to weaken our natural defences for political gain. Do they really expect North Korea, Iran or Pakistan to launch a missile at the Olympic Games? 

If they are expecting an attack from within then we have only ourselves to blame. The people did not import terrorism, the people did not declare war in the middle east and there was a time when we only fought wars to defend ourselves or our colonies. 

I hope that I am wrong. I really hope that I am wrong but I foresee an Olympic disaster. I just do not know what will occur. I have always been an Olympic fanatic and that is probably why I hate the way that these Games have been hijacked for profit. The public will pay and a few will profit. I just hope everyone will be safe. Time will tell.

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