Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Jack Straw

Jack Straw
Jack Straw MP
I have always believed that the nadir of British Politics in the past thirty years were the Blair days. Tony Blair and his 'kitchen cabinet', in my opinion, corrupted parliament. They bypassed the constituency MP and then misled parliament.  Subsequent events have illustrated that the 'Blair Years' were the years that ruined the country and led to the problems that we have today. He alone introduced the European Human Rights Act and quietly he was beavering away to ensure that the European Union and Common Purpose would be entrenched before most of us were aware of the problem.

In the midst of the 'Blair Years' one or two men were constant. Chief of these were Jack Straw and John Prescott. I would almost guarantee that these two have never batted for Britain in their lives. Jack Straw knew that his existence as an MP depended on the Muslim vote in Blackburn.

So I am ecstatic that one of the leaders of the rebel forces in Libya, Abdel Hakim Belhadj, is suing Jack Straw, a former Foreign Secretary, for having him abducted and tortured. At that time nobody could have possibly thought that Colonel Ghaddafi would be deposed and disposed. I hope that it means that good old Jack has to appear in court on oath. If he does then will he not have to implicate the then PM Tony Blair because if Jack was doing the good Colonel a favour surely good old Tony would also be complicit?

Many of us believe that one day justice will catch up with these people. It is extraordinary that their demise should emanate from their rabid attempt to court a tyrant. It should have come from us the people but we would always have been stitched up. I just wonder who will be appointed to judge the case? I bet the search is on for someone who can be persuaded to be non neutral!

I suspect that the trial of Jack Straw will be very illuminating!

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SAB said...

That'll be interesting, although I suspect it'll be swept over in some way. Or the guy that's causing trouble will be paid off before it gets to court.