Monday, 16 April 2012

Is UKIP on the Move?

I have long since lost faith in the accuracy of the prediction polls. I have never been asked my opinion on any election and a random straw poll of my friends and relatives confirms that nobody else has been canvassed for their opinion prior to an election.  So the news that UKIP has stolen ONLY 10% of the people who voted Conservative at the election comes as a surprise.

All over the blogosphere I see people defecting from the Conservative party. The Tory grass roots have lost faith in David Cameron and his europhile, socialist supporting Cabinet. I therefore suspect that the defections are considerably higher than being reported. The people are waking up! They thought that they were getting rid of Gordon Brown and his loony left and have discovered that they have just elected a different version. NONE of the promises of the Tory election manifesto have been followed up.

I admit that the British electorate are complacent and to be honest, not well educated, but most of them still have inherent decency. It is almost impossible to destroy centuries of tradition by indecent government. The people still know that rule from the European Union is indecent. They recognise as each day passes that our society is under attack. There is never any good news. 

The students pay too much for their 'education' and cannot get jobs. British companies are being sold off. We cannot even harness the mass of water which falls on our country! We are famous world wide for our inclement weather and yet we now have a drought scenario. 

Our justice system has degenerated into a joke where those prisoners who have eventually deserved a prison sentence are treated better than our elderly who have paid their taxes all their lives and in many cases fought for the country.

Some hospitals are allowed to treat their patients with contempt. Medical care has never been better but compassion is at an all time low not only in the NHS but also in companies charged with caring for the elderly and infirm in their own homes. The profiteering from care for the elderly is a national scandal as each 'carer' is 'timed' and 'managed' until they no longer care or can care.

We must return to traditional British values. We can only do that if we vote for a body of people who campaign on traditional British values. We have tried the union funded and driven Labour party who had 13 years to ruin the country and probably succeeded. 

We then returned to the Tories who in the 1990's we could not get rid of soon enough and so far they have demonstrated that they are incapable of joined up government. They have actually abandoned every one of their core manifesto promises. Every promise that they made which gained them 'a share' of government have been abandoned.

The LibDems are worse! They are communists in disguise. They are much further to the left than the Oxford educated toffs who lead the Labour party because they are so committed to the European Union and they actually want Moscow to reappear in Brussels which of course it has.

I cannot forecast the future. I have no crystal ball but I have my hopes. George Galloway played a trump card because he had researched the Muslim passion. We need an English Messiah. Someone who can carry the public into the next election on a wave of national hysteria (where is Princess Diana when you need her?) but more than that we need the public to recognise that the major parties are actually poison for most of us!

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selsey.steve said...

Meet another defector from the conservatives (they no longer deserve an upper-case 'C').
I'm going to vote UKIP next time around. I was betrayed by the conservative party.