Monday, 23 April 2012

Is the EU on the Point of Collapse?

The people are speaking at every opportunity all across Europe. They have at long last  realised the damage that the European Union has been doing to every national economy with their ridiculous euro. Already Portugal, Italy Greece, Spain and Ireland are facing severe hardship and now the people of Holland and France are opposing austerity measures and embracing nationalism.

It is the same old story whenever the elite socialists manage to coerce power. Their philosophies cannot match good economic principle because all they ever want to do is to spend money that they have not got in order to enslave the people. There is never a hint of enterprise, never a hint of good practice; just a slavish acceptance that they must adhere to their socialist dogma.

I have constantly blogged for a few years now that this EU is doomed to fail. History repeats itself and history has always shown that socialism is a flawed principle. Even my grandfather, a passionate early member of the first Independent Labour Party, realised that his beliefs were not achievable.

How on Earth our main stream politicians can divorce themselves from reality escapes me. Even dyed in the wool, paid up EU servants like George Osborne and David Cameron must by now realise that they must plan an exit strategy. If the Chancellor goes ahead with his £10 billion 'loan' to the IMF to prop up the euro then it will only prove that he is either delusional or obeying orders. 


bewick said...

Partial agreement Bryboy. I really do think that the euro is about to collapse and so do many financial commentators. 20% of the French have agreed by voting for Marine Le Pen. I would guess that many more, and perhaps a majority, would want out of the euro, and perhaps the EU.
Problem is that “radical” parties take a long time to take hold since voters are seduced, as they are here, by the “comfort zone” of established parties which no longer give real choice.
The radicals so frequently have unacceptable aims mixed in with acceptable aims. When exactly was the last time that you agreed to even the majority of the manifesto of the last mainstream party you voted for? You, like most and me, voted for the “least unacceptable” if you voted at all and so many now don’t bother.
Thank God that we stayed out of the euro and I have to reluctantly admit that Brown kept that line. Had he been returned as PM that may well have changed. And, since he is a Jonah (see guido fawkes) he would have chosen exactly the worst time just as he did with gold.
I read that a very good proportion of the German electorate also want out of the euro. Greece, quickly followed by Portugal and Spain and perhaps Italy and Eire, may just exit by the end of the year.
The EU is similar but there is no mainstream party in any European “federal state” offering that. Cameron offered a referendum but has reneged on his promise.
So the Marxist Barrusso and his totally unelected, unaccountable, and mostly socialist “commissioners” have absolute power. They don’t even respond to complaints although the rules say they must. I know. I’ve complained several times. I get “holding” answers in French, which I fortunately CAN read, but nothing further – ever. Animal Farm anyone?
It can only end in blood and tears sadly. I really hope that happens before my life is done.
Whether or not there is “common purpose” or Bilderberg, or “Frankfurt School” conspiracy here I am not at all sure. TOTAL incompetence looks more likely.
On a brighter note. Well Derby County have again failed, mathematically, to get into the playoffs as they so often do. They have though ended fairly respectably. Next year perhaps? (well I can still hope)

bryboy said...

Hi Bewick, sorry I missed your post. As ever you make so many good points and like you I hope to see a change before I depart this planet. I feel that the electorate are beginning to wake up. I see it down at my club where people are now beginning to question nay even discuss politics in public. Will it be enough? I would hope that the 'Bradford Spring' would be replicated in other areas but then few are as driven and as eloquent as 'Gorgeous George'.

Personally mate I have been a critic of Nigel and the Rams board as you know but...was I right? The youth policy looks good and perhaps their parsimonious approach to transfers is correct...apart from the fact that Reading paid the salaries of Jason Roberts and Adam Le Fondre and are now promoted.

They have admitted they need a goalscorer (Tyson no goals in a whole season) but are they willing to pay the going rate?

I hope that you are well.