Saturday, 7 April 2012

Are we ignoring something very important?

I am posting a clip which was sent to me by 'Before its News'. I am not a practising Christian but if I was I would be concerned. Now I know that in this modern day and age it is possible to make a point by clever editing. However we cannot deny that these events are occurring, one after the other and increasing in violence.

Many take place in the United States where almost any unusual event is immediately flashed onto televisions screens but what about the more remote areas in the world? What is not being reported from Asia, Africa or South America?

I wonder how some of you view this clip. The politicians create 'climate change' as a political scam but I notice they are not tackling climate violence! If this is, by any chance, a warning from above I just wonder what will happen to Tony Blair when he finally faces his creator!


GrumpyRN said...

I had a look at the clip, it's just random natural events put together with some sad music to make people believe that god might exist and that he is returning. Oh and throw in the 2012 Mayan calender nonsense, some really stupid Americans and you have an apocalypse movie.

bryboy said...

Hello GRN, I tend to agree but I have to explore all aspects of our earthly problems and my beloved daughter is a committed Christian. As such I cannot
deny that we are living through some extraordinary times. I suspect mate that if these events are really a warning then we are both in a whole heap of trouble! Sleep well!