Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Ultimate Deception?

Who is He?
I don't quite know how to approach this because we are almost entering the realms of impossible fantasy. There is a campaign being mounted at the moment in the United States proclaiming that Barack Obama is a fraud. There is evidence to suggest that he is not eligible to be the President of the United States and that documentation that has been submitted to confirm his background is fraudulent.

The web site that breaks so many on the edge news stories has recently published this video which questions the President's background and credentials. If only a fraction of the speculation is accurate then the consequences are outrageous! I am advised that this story is about to become a major issue but you notice that it is not appearing in the mainstream media.

Surely a foreigner blagging his way to the Presidency is well...treason?  Apparently the few documents that the pursuers have been able to obtain regarding the background and history of the President have been forgeries; sometimes quite crude forgeries. What this video is stating is that Barack Obama was never eligible to stand because he does not fulfil the criteria according to their constitution.

I still cannot believe that anyone could aspire to such eminence without anyone checking his background. What is going on? I await the outcome with interest but can you believe the consequences if it is proven that he is a fraud? However, all will be well, because all he has to do is produce his birth certificate which of course will prove that he was eligible all along...won't it...?


D-Rex said...

Unfortunately the US MSM is also blacking out coverage of this story and colluding with the Whitehouse to bury the story so whether it will ever become a real issue is in doubt. The fact that they are doing this rather than just showing the US public his documents tells me they are hiding something. I do not believe that the Americans know who their President really is.

Anonymous said...

fantasy no,welcome to the real world,as for checking his background ,they knew who he was.

Anonymous said...


Here I am to throw a spanner in the works again. You can rely on me to do that always. LOl!

"If only a fraction of the speculation is accurate then the consequences are outrageous!"

Really? For whom?

"Surely a foreigner blagging his way to the Presidency is well...treason?"

Firstly he never blagged his way into the presidency. He was selected by the powerful cabal that runs things within the USA and in fact the world. Do you not think they knew that Obama is not from the USA? We are talking about people WHO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING. We are talking about people who make and break economies, create wars, impose tyranny on whomever they wish, have presidents, primeministers, politicians and royalty removed and are 100% above the law. They control the system. They are the system.

Let's look at this shall we? Obama was clearly born outside the USA. Anyone who does any research on him will find that he was brought up by communists and promoted communist doctrine in the various organisations he belonged to. There is also the speculation that he's a homosexual as well. It wouldn't surprise me. He is the classic man to promote internationalism within the USA seeing as he is neither of one culture, but a child of the New World, one of the many mixed race, their own race and the very race the elites want - US & THEM in order to control us even more (they are one race, therefore pure, whereas everyone else is of many, therefore not pedigree and holds to no specific culture). And now this has been found out, the simple answer to this is that Obama says the following: "I didn't know where I was born. I was told I was born in the USA by my parents."

Bryboy, your missing the bigger picture. You're still living within the system, believing that the system will protect us. It won't. It's there for the exact opposite. If Obama is removed, he won't be punished. He's done his job already and his time in office has come to an end. He has helped destroy much of the constitution by continuing to turn the USA into a democracy. He will take a seat now on the board of some mega corporation with a six/seven figure yearly salary. The elites look after their own. Guaranteed, the elites will put into power another puppet, who will promise the people freedom and liberty and do the exact opposite.

You can't stop this Bryboy. What ever will be will be I'm afraid to say, simply because you are not alone in thinking that the system can be used for good. It can't. It's corrupt to the very core. It was created for the sole purpose to dominate and control the whole of humanity by a very powerful elite. One must destroy the system or it will destroy you. It's already happening. We are merely living inside the agenda to create a one world government, to control all.



bryboy said...

Harbinger I really cannot disagree with much of what you are saying. I write this blog partly because I HAVE seen the big picture. Where we may disagree is that I am trying to do something about it. I, as an individual, realise that I am just a pawn but I still believe that the people who can reverse the trends are the public. The only way to hold the tide back is to educate the public and make them aware. When they decide that they have had enough then perhaps things will change. You may be right we may never be able to get them to understand the seriousness of the situation but in my own little way I will keep trying. It makes me feel better about myself. Continually telling me that 'we are stuffed' will not stop me.

Anonymous said...


You epitomise the eternal optimist. I respect that greatly. My sister is one and I love her to pieces, even though she hasn't a scooby about what's going on. although she believes otherwise.

I think you are like her although you will deny it. People do not want to admit they're ignorant, even though they falsely take it to mean stupidity. Were you to truly understand the situation, you would realise the futility of trying to do something to stop it. You can't, but nonetheless you'll prersevere and fail.

I use the moniker I do for good reason. I fortell doom and gloom. I write truth that offends in order to remind people that the hell coming, is so thanks to their negligence, apathy and severe lack of personal responsibility.

You think as you do because the qualities you have are synonymous with yours and previous generations. The 11th hour mentality deeply resonates within your psyche, even though the outcome of WW1 & 2 were known well in advance.

You truly do believe that you can educate a public that quite frankliy doesn't give a shit about anything and worse still, ignorant through choice and incredibly stupid to boot. When I look at the public I can't help but think they deserve the tyranny that's about to befall them. And worse still, the moronic automatons won't even notice. That's the brilliance of the agenda, having people love their oppressors and servitude to an elite who despise them.

You forget that 60 years of programming has smashed the last remaining vestige of individuality within the UK. You are the Winston Smith. You are the last man, standing before the 100ft tsunami. Brave but futile, but if it makes you feel better, go for it. You haven't let anyone down, but you are trying to help people who have, not just themselves but their loved ones too. They aren't called sheeple for nothing bryboy.

I see what is. I found out a long time ago the inherent nature of man, a nature that's been manipulated into servility over the years.

Good luck is all I can really say.