Thursday, 5 April 2012

So much Water and not a drop to Spare!

Dripping tapIt is one of the world's great conundrums that a country like the United Kingdom, which probably has more water dropped on it than almost anywhere else, is so badly administered that in some areas they have imposed hosepipe bans! Yesterday in April many areas had so much snow that power was disrupted!

In my particular small area it actually rained/snowed all day. We had more rain yesterday than countries like Cyprus get in a year. You would really think that the companies licensed to distribute our water would be able to cope but half of England has had a hosepipe ban slapped on them because they refuse to address leaks which is costing us millions.

We are not a large country. In some terms we are tiny and yet in this era of high power technology our politicians have failed to address the need for water. They have failed to provide the public with a system which will transport water from the north of the country to the south. In February I drove back from Scotland for 200 miles with my windscreen wipers on 'fast' wipe. In the Lake District the water was tumbling down the hillsides. I well remember thinking then that it was probably a preclude to a hosepipe ban!

Now comes the news that the directors of the water companies who have failed the public have been awarded bonuses totalling millions of pounds! When is this nonsense going to cease? When will we elect a politician who will represent the public? Will we ever see Boris or Ken address the shortage of water and the profligacy of the water companies in their quest for votes in the run up to the election of the Mayor of London?

It is our own fault that we have no water in some areas. It is our own fault that a first class stamp in the UK now costs 60 pence. It is our own fault that we are the most ripped off public in Europe! You dear public keep voting for them and they keep giving you what you have voted for! If Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone or Brian Paddick win the election for Mayor of London then I will despair but I will still be able to pay my way. Many who have a vote will vote Com/Dem/Lab and vote for their own ruination.

We could get rid of them all at a stroke...if we would stop just for a moment to think about why we were voting and what we were voting for!

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