Sunday, 8 April 2012

How could this happen?

Everyday I learn more and everyday I fear for the future of my grandchildren. It would appear that, thanks to a nefarious collection of bankers and politicians, the financial system that we all depend upon is being wrecked from within. Major economies are systematically having their credit rating down graded because the financiers fear that the individual countries cannot meet their debts.

Recently France went down the tubes ( I won't even talk about Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) but at least we always have the good old USA to prop up the western economies with their sound dollar...but do we?

I have just read an article which gave me the 'heebie jeebies' because it confirms the rumours that 'Uncle Sam' has been ruined by four years of Barack Obama and his mates in exactly the same way that Gordon Brown ruined the UK! Our PM always talks about the importance of our triple 'A' credit rating which is so important because it ensures that the financiers believe that our economy is stable and we can pay back our debts. 

Now comes the news that the United States has lost their AAA rating. That should be a huge story in the mainstream media but did you know? It gets worse because the USA lost it's AAA rating in July 2011 and the recent downgrading was from AA+ to AA!! Can you imagine that the United States is financially in the same state as Greece!!!

In reality, thanks to the policies and agenda of Barack Obama and his cohorts, the United States is skint. Read the report ....they are broke! So what does that mean for the world? When the USA cannot keep ahead of the arms race then someone will challenge them. That could lead to a World War. 

I fear the world is in a parlous state. There is little doubt that there has been a concerted effort from on high to rebalance the scales and reduce the 'comfort' of western European society. We have been invaded, our culture has been denigrated, our economy wrecked and   our military power reduced. It is so intentional and obvious but at the same time they have also dumbed down education and cushioned the 'unwashed' from reality.

The 'people' are being protected but the 'educated' are being attacked and destroyed. We 'the educated' do not have too many opportunities left to vote 'them' out of power. It may already be too late. Our next opportunity will be at the May local elections. It could be the last! One thing is for certain they are not telling us the truth. They dare not tell us the truth. The truth is extremely scary!


SAB said...

I'll be spending the next couple of weeks with family and friends over in the US of A so I look forward to hearing their input on current affairs. Atlanta first, then down to Florida. I remember last July's news about their credit rating. It was dumbed down a bit though. at the time we were all far more concerned about Greece and Italy. Even more worrying is that Forest lost at home again!!!

bryboy said...

SAB, how I love the States and how I envy you. We were there last September. Please let me know how 'the people' view their 'situation'. I have a distant cousin who posts me regularly. I really don't think that the people know how serious their situation is...but do we? Tks for your interest and how about a pint sometime?

bryboy said...

PS I married a Brizzell girl and she watched the whole game and even tried to get me interested! I would prefer well...almost anything else until Lee Camp(ex Sinfin Primary Derby) demonstrated why the Rams got rid of him!!!

SAB said...

I listened to it on the radio, didn't realise it was on tv. TV coverage or Kids 4 A Quid days are usually the kiss of death! If we lose today we could be right back in the relegation meat grinder. There's even a slim chance if we go down that Notts County might pass us going up!

Camp has been good for us overall. Not so good this year but for every mistake, he's made some top drawer saves.

Looking 4ward to a break. The flight could be 'interesting' with our 15 month old son on board. Keeping him occupied is a full time job. He's awesome though!

When I get back I'll pop over to L'boro for a pint and catch up. Was planning to come to the reunion but my son had other ideas on the night! :-)