Thursday, 5 April 2012

Frightening Pictures?

Islam in Britain
My link to the States educates me almost everyday. The trends and the reactions to life in the UK are very interesting. They regard some of the photos taken reflecting life in London as 'frightening' but we Brits have been educated to accept the 'frightening' as  just a few Muslims kicking off. The photos featured in this link do not appear in out mainstream media.

The only people who regularly rail against the Muslim incursion are people regarded as the extreme right. These people who are members of the British National Party (BNP) or the English Defence League (EDL) are closer to the problem than most of us. They are probably at the lower end of the social scale. I do not mean to be cruel but they are largely uneducated and are reacting to a situation which has been forced upon them by an uncaring government.

Almost unanimously they would, at one time, have voted for the worker's party the Labour Party (Democrat to you Americans). Today in the UK they are regarded as being further right wing than Genghis Khan but they are trying to protect their job prospects. Labour only has a bunch of 'geeky toffs' leading their worker's party these days.

So why do our friends in the States find photos of militant Muslims threatening violence to the public 'frightening'? Is that not normal behaviour? Do we here in the UK not have countless Muslim enclaves threatening our Christian lifestyle?

Apparently not, according to our 'Conservative' Home Secretary, Theresa May.  We threatened Brits, who are at war, cannot deport the worst of our terrorists back to Jordan because he may be tortured and that is against the European Human Rights Act! What planet is this misguided woman on? They have all become so politicised by their paymasters that they have lost the ability to think logically.

I would not mind that (well actually I would) but President Sarcozy of France does it all the time!  In Holland it is even worse! In areas of Rotterdam; Sharia Law is now an everyday occurrence.

 So my friends in the States, particularly 'Cousin' Conrad in Paducah Kentucky, you frankly do not have to be concerned. The Muslim people are peace loving and wish you no harm as long as you give them licence to build mosques on almost every street corner of your local block. Sleep well!

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