Monday, 30 April 2012

Accountability within the Justice System

We are regularly informed by the mainstream media that career criminals who are apprehended by the police are routinely granted bail and then released to continue their criminal practices. There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind granting bail to violent criminals but when things go wrong and members of the public are assaulted or killed as a result nobody is accountable.

Recently the police arrested a career criminal who had been sentenced to 8 years in 2004 for stabbing a householder during a burglary. He had been arrested, wait for it, for a sexual offence and assault but the had also been charged with theft, trespass and possession of cannabis! How on earth does someone decide that this person is safe to be on the streets? Clearly he is a danger to the public and of course he was because now he is being hunted suspected of committing two murders.

So who made the decision? What were his/her reasons? Will he/she ever again be allowed to grant bail to anyone after such cataclysmic errors of judgement? The answer is that whoever made the decision cannot be held accountable. We don't know who they are and very likely they are making the same decisions today.

Until someone brings back justice to the justice system then this country will continue on the downward spiral into an abyss. The criminal club which today includes the perpetrator, the police and the legal profession (but rarely the victims) appears to flourish across the land with criminals being given every benefit of the doubt imaginable. Will anyone challenge it? Don't hold your breath!

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