Monday, 23 April 2012

The Leveson Enquiry

On Wednesday I intend to watch SKY News when Rupert Murdoch and son James attend the Leveson Inquiry. The recent revelations from other sources means that they will be unable to get away with their normal 'bullshit'. They know that they have been rumbled so will they now attack? Will they begin to threaten? News International must have so much 'dirt' on so many people but will they expose, or threaten to expose, leading public figures?

There has been so much hypocrisy, mendacity and duplicity in modern politics that it is becoming difficult to recognise honesty. All the mainstream politicians lack sincerity, belief and passion. They do not communicate their beliefs because most of them don't have any. There only belief is power. It does not matter how it is achieved because it is the only goal.

This has led to the Leveson Inquiry. We have seen them all paraded forward. Many of them have been economical with the truth but piece by piece the truth is slithering into the public zone. Phone hacking was not the practice of the odd journalist, editors were aware of this method of obtaining information and senior police officers were regularly entertained by News International.

So my starter for 10 Mr Murdoch is ....who could you not buy?

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