Friday, 6 April 2012

The People's Pledge

I am in touch with an organisation entitled 'The People's Pledge'. They are campaigning for a referendum on the European Union by organising a series of mini elections in a variety of areas throughout the country. Their first foray was held in Thurrock yesterday. Now I have to admit that I doubted their ability to coax the public from their normal lethargy but to my astonishment and to their credit they got almost 31% of the electorate in Thurrock to record a vote!

This was a magnificent achievement because some MPs have been elected on a lesser turnout. They also record that the sitting MP (majority of 92) or her Labour opponent would not engage with them during their campaign. That hardly surprises me because when push come to shove the mainstream politicians hate any involvement with public opinion. 

Today they published the result of their first campaign and many more are to follow. The result showed that 14,590 voters (89.9%) want a referendum on our membership of the European Union. That is a huge kick in the teeth for out mainstream 'modernisers' but then I am not surprised. We all know that membership of this undemocratic, contrived political union is wrong. It interferes with our own democratic process and contravenes our national law. The British people are now well aware that something is wrong.

We have suffered enough believing the lies and propaganda of the mainstream parties. We will soon have local elections. Please everyone send them a message that they will not be able to ignore. If you do not have a vestige interest in maintaining our membership of the EU then vote against it. Let us get our country back!

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