Friday, 13 April 2012

The Fire Service

Fire service changes 'a complete failure' - MPs
The Daily Mail this morning is carrying a story which typifies the attitude of the modern emergency services and is also the type of story which makes the public very angry.

Apparently a seagull had become entangled in a plastic bag and the Fire Service was informed. Some clown decided that this warranted the despatch of FIVE fire crews! Of course when they arrived at the scene the obligatory risk assessment had to be ascertained (after all they are only 'emergency' services) so 25 highly trained and highly paid fire crew stood around. 

It was so ridiculous that a local bird sanctuary volunteer donned a pair of waders walked out in three feet of water and rescued the gull. The repercussions on all concerned is immense. Who sent all those men and why? How much risk is attached to a fit fireman from three feet of water? Why are the crews being made to look cowardly and useless?

I think the public deserve some answers. I also believe that the cost of this mission should be surcharged to the senior officers who sanctioned it. I would also like to remind David Cameron that this is the type of activity that he promised to sort out once he became Prime Minister. No doubt that is is yet another election promise that will be conveniently so, so many others!

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