Monday, 9 April 2012

The Boat Race and Protesting!

I am a great believer in legitimate protest. We have so much to protest about that I have difficulty condemning anyone who wants to display anger at our modern society. I cannot however support the guy ( I won't even name him) who ruined the spectacle of the university boat race.

Some events need to be sacrosanct or we will lose all perspective. In my opinion that also applies to the Olympics. There are a number of public events which cannot be policed. They are usually the events which rely on commitment and courage. The long walks, the marathons, the triathlons and the cycling immediately spring to mind.

It would be too easy to halt any of them and would achieve nothing apart from public anger. I have no qualms about invading Parliament, or bringing London to a standstill because that inconveniences the people who have caused the damage. I realise that it would also cause inconvenience to so many others who are only going about their business but...if we don't protest then the bankers and politicians will continue their pillage of the public accounts.

As you all know I personally believe that the Olympics have been destroyed on the cross of greed. Lord Seb Coe and LOCOS have probably made their personal fortunes out of the allocation of the tickets and the reallocation of the Olympic accommodation. That is down to them and I know what I would like to do to them!

But please don't blame the athletes. Do not ruin their one chance of glory. They train so hard to represent their country and they are unconcerned about politics. Seb Coe was allowed to win his gold medal and none of us knew what was in his heart. At the time we were only interested in what was in his legs. In my opinion the talent he had as an athlete has now been matched by his duplicity as a human being.

He wins gold medals on both accounts!

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