Saturday, 28 April 2012

Our Borders and the Olympics!

It is all coming home to roost. The travesty that we have all known for years that our borders were deliberately made as porous as possible now threatens the Olympic Games. The Political Class, in their quest to swamp the UK with undesirables, have seriously undermined the Border staff. Clearly they cannot cope but now it is about to have an adverse effect on their beloved Olympics. 

I believe that we are hopelessly ill equipped to deal with the influx of the numbers about to descend on the UK. Unless they reverse years of neglect very quickly they cannot possibly cope. I suspect that London cannot hope to cope. The transport system is inadequate for every day use so what happens when the world arrives?

For the sake of the athletes who have trained so hard for so long I really hope that the Political Class will forget their malign agenda and their quest for profit and produce a memorable Olympics. The problem is that it has been organised in such a cack-handed fashion that too many people have been left disappointed and disillusioned. Many volunteers have been rejected for no discernible reason.

I only know two people who have received the tickets that they wanted and they are interested in a rather minority sport...volleyball I believe.  Nobody else bothered for a variety of reasons. Travel is expensive and unreliable, hotels are expensive and unaccommodating and crime is rife in the capital. We just do not see police on the streets and immigration has changed the capital into an unrecognisable and alien society.

I will always hold my hands up and apologise when I am wrong but the portents for these 'Lord Coe' millionaire's bonanza are acute. Apparently Spain has returned huge numbers of tickets, the football is seriously under-subscribed and I suspect at the last minute huge numbers of unsold tickets will suddenly appear on the market where they should have been in the first place.

Everything has been mishandled. Here in Loughborough we have a world class, renowned Bell Foundry that we are proud of and they bid for the production of the Olympic Bell. They lost to a London based company who then sub contracted the production of the bell to a Dutch company because...they could not produce it locally! Now forgive me but...surely Lord Coe (who in his heyday studied and trained at our local university) and our local MP, Nicky Morgan, could have verified that the winner of this prestigious contract were capable of making the bell in the country hosting the Olympics? 

Companies associated with the UK seem to have been systematically ignored when bidding for Olympic contracts. It is typical of the 'modernisation' lobby that at every turn the ethnic UK  businesses are either being ignored or sold off. Am I wrong? Tell me if that is not true. In my opinion these Olympics have been sullied by politicians and the public know it.


Bill said...

Seriously it's the London games not the United Kigdom Games, The British Isles Games, The British Games, The English Games.

So it's going to screw up London in every which way and then some.
So it's funded by the bottomless pit called the taxpayers pockets.

So it's likely going to be the stage of a false flag attack or at least a massive Security Theatre production.

Frankly I have never been in the least bit interested in what goes on in London.
I must admit to on occasion following the bexleyisbonker site but have even stopped that these days because I no longer care that Bexley council is a corrupt corporation run entirely for the benefit of the 'very few' at the expense of the many.
That scenario is repeated across the British Isles and that includes the whole of Ireland.

I now understand my vote doesn't matter.
All tptb want is a name on the electoral roll which is in reality the membership roll of the United Kingdom. Every so often this membership has to be renewed but once renewed the name has to abide by all the rules, regulations and financial rape that the United Kingdom imposes on its members.

Even worse being on the electoral roll means the name is agreeing to become a member of the European Union.
So we have the United Kingdom (in reality a region of the European Union) controlling our lives and stealing our money and we also agree to have the European Union controlling our lives and stealing our remaining money by putting our names on the electoral roll.
Don't believe me?
Name one person who voted for a coalition government.

I have never voted for or against the EEC as was (too young) so the only way they can get consent to rule over me is by me stupidly ntering my name on their electoral roll. It is all the legitimacy they need.

Not any more... I am now awake.

bryboy said...

Bill I couldn'nt put it better myself. The problem comes for most of us oldies is that after 28 years at the same address it is difficult to remove my name without the inevitable consequences. They know I am here! We do still have one party that promises an exit from the EU. We should all be voting for them but the 'sheeple' still don't care enough. Tks for our input.