Saturday, 7 April 2012

I do not want to believe this?

I do not want to believe the article that I am about to post on here. I know nothing about the author or his origins but I only know that so much of it has the ring of truth. We are daily getting warnings from so many quarters that the bankers and the corporatocracies have become so greedy that they have 'corpsed' the financial system which we all have trust in.

The major western governments are so desperate to retain their hold on power that they are wasting billions on war and sacrificing thousands of lives. Our financial system is in disarray because we are printing money to meet our commitments. If we do not find another way of balancing the books then what is left? What can we trust? Who can we trust?

If you are a seriously minded individual read this article and then think about what is going on. We all know that it cannot continue in the same vein. It is crazy economics to allow the bankers to grant themselves these enormous bonuses. It is crazy economics to allow Town Hall fat cats their inflated salaries. It is crazy economics to give away a nation's wealth to countries who do not deserve or need it. It is crazy economics to grant millions every day to an unelected political union that the people do not want. 

I reckon we have very little time left to get rid of the Political Class who have corrupted the country. If we don't turn the tide then we will face the consequences. The Britain today is unrecognisable from the Britain that I grew up in. They are wrong and we are right so please use your vote wisely in the forthcoming local elections. Please do not endorse their nonsense! 


Anonymous said...

You may have read an earlier article on the captain's blog about the thousands of arrests about to be made upon all the corrupt bankers and officials. I however think it's bullshit. The system protects the system.

What do I think?
Well the massive bonuses being awarded are for a reason. Those involved know things are about to go belly up all over the world. The aim is to not only cull 90% of the world's population, but knock 100million off of the USA's population by 2050. Few know we're being poisoned through food and water supply. Then there's medical tampering and virus creations through vaccines. Then all the cancers, everyone man made....

So if they want the population culled they're going to at least need a massive world war - cue Israel & Iran....
To get to the point, those, now even wealthier individuals are very probably buying gold and silver to stockpile when fiat currency disappears. Could they simply be planning ahead? Remember money is power.

Bryboy, I think we're totally fucked. I understand completely when you say this isn't the world you grew up in. I'm 41 and I feel like an alien in my own country. There's massive change from 20 years ago. The tipping point has been passed. Our cultures are dead. The plan laid out by the elites is complete. Read the protocols of Zion and stare bewilderingly at what you're reading.

You, I, the people were never mean't to change anything, just comply by continual indoctrination and pay taxes to fund the agenda. You cannot change a thing. It's an exercise in futility thinking you can. This reality we're living in isn't one we can tick a box in a polling booth to fix. It's because of voting booths and tick boxes reality is as it is. When you actually sit down and look at the gravity of the situation will you realise you are a droplet of water and nothing more. People have been altered by the education, msm and medical systems. The character within 45 year olds and above has been genetically removed from ever going to happen to youngsters when they hit that age.

You'll realise the madness in thinking you can change the situation. I did and it's something I found incredibly hard to come to terms with. In fact there are times I still do. It's worse whe we realise that humanity has created its own prison and persecuted those who tried to stop it. Reality's a bitch.



wayno0007 said...

i have tried to join up the dots myself and its not good reading am 42 years old and i cannot believe how much this country has changed,something is really wrong here, bullshit and theft from non elected government bent banking corrupt police there seems to be a club going on in which we the people cannot join something big time is brewing up for us folk i suppose its nearly the time to find out what they have been upto

bryboy said...

Tks for your interest guys but it is really depressing. Do we all just give up and let the inevitable happen? If for example we all vote UKIP and they pull us out of the EU then that, in my opinion, would go a long way to reversing the trend towards lunacy! I admit however that it is unlikely to happen because so many people still have a vested interest in ripping the public off.

Anonymous said...


You will know by now that my articles are depressing and offensive, yet what can I do when the truth is depressing and offensive thanks to years of insidious politician puppets and a society whose foundations are built on nefarious scheming and lies? Would it make you feel better if I offered hope by telling untruths? I think not.

Ok let's take your scenario and UKIP win. We're no longer under the control of Brussels and? Where does the money come from to rebuild broken Britain? Where is the industry? That's now in China. The population's growing and there are no jobs. And how do we stop this growth when over the next 20 years the growth will be attributed to 75% of those immigrants who came here from '97 onwards? Do you know that all house building in the UK isn't enough to even house those new immigrants?

And our youth who are no longer indigenous but internationalists (globalists); how do we turn back the clock in order to stop what little of our culture is left?

Our society is contaminated and the character is dead as was planned. You cannot correct this. It's an impossibility to say the least. This was the coup de grace of tptb. It wasn't Brussels that destroyed the UK, but year after year of socialism. You kill a nation, not by killing the people as some always survive, but by destroying the love for one's culture and people. Our youth of today could be speaking Swahili for they most certainly not English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish. Our younger generations have been reprogrammed, nothing but snakes inside egg shells.

The system did this and UKIP are part of the system. You first need to snap out of the mindset you're in for the only hope humanity has is to completely obliterate it.



profiundly_disturbed said...

Dear Mr Meldrew

The system isn't broken; everything is going to plan.

Follow the money, learn from recent history. What we are witnessing (and can do nothing about) is the culmination of sixty years of failed Ecomomist doctrine.

bryboy said...

PD would you be kind enough to expand on your comment? I take advice from all quarters when I understand it.

Anonymous said...


You've seemed to have contradicted your own argument. Correct that the system isn't broken and everything's going to plan, but if you know this how can you say 60 years of failed economic doctrine?

The elites have prospered regardless off economic climes. It's the people who always suffer which goes right back to the 'system isn't broken'. There has been 60 years of massive societal reprogramming, cultural and national obliteration, not forgetting indigenous demolition with the effects of colossal immigration. The biggest mistake of the people is to believe in, help build, maintain and protect a system, created for the sole purpose to destroy their very liberties and freedoms.