Friday, 2 September 2011


Very rarely in these modern times do we see a headline from the mainstream media which actually promises to improve our society. Long before we shamefully surrendered our sovereignty to the  unaudited and unelected socialist/banker inspired European Union our society had been under attack from left wing conspirators.

The most despicable attack has been on Education where for decades the teaching unions have supported a decline in educational standards and classroom discipline. Everything possible has been thrown at education to undermine achievement and discourage ability so when I read that Michael Gove, our Education Minister, plans to bring back classroom discipline I just wonder how he is going to do it?

There are so many forces at many tiers of education who will automatically rail against any reversal of their damning and disastrous policies that it would take an enormous effort to unravel and unpick the web of deceipt which pervades English education.

I therefore await with interest the future classroom confrontations as teachers attempt to regain a modicum of control after so many years of contempt for their authority. Somehow I cannot see the classroom anarchy changing overnight but at least it is a start.

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