Wednesday, 11 May 2011

David Laws Guilty of Theft!

David Laws was for a very short period of time a member of the Coalition cabinet. It then transpired that he had been claiming illegal expenses and I don't mean pennies. Apparently he was found guilty on six accounts of fraud involving thousands of pounds.

His punishment? He has been suspended from the House of Commons for 7 days and been obliged to apologise to the House. This for an act of gross manipulation. This is not a stupid man. He was Chief Secretary to the Treasury and apparently regarded as a vital cog in the Coalition cabinet. There have even been rumours that despite his criminal activity which let down everyone who has supported him that the Cameron/Clegg axis would welcome him back into the Cabinet!

This is a farce! He is nothing short of a crook and an unsavoury crook at that. We have recently seen MPs jailed for far less than what David Laws did so why is he not in court? What is the invisible line that allows people like David Laws and Jackie Smith before him to deliberately defraud the public and yet escape the full force of the law.

It is an absolute scandal. We used to have a democracy where everyone was equal in the eyes of the law but continually in modern times those with money and power escape because of who they know. Is there a hidden clause in our legal system which states that if you have ever been a member of the Cabinet then you cannot be charged with a criminal offence?

How can the public have confidence in any government who supports and excuses criminal behaviour. We saw it with NoLab and Jackie Smith and now we see it with Cameron/Clegg and David Laws. We already know that the EU (which they all support) is flawed and those of us who think about it realise that there is something very smelly about the Westmonster Political Class. They stink and they should clean up their act but they find it impossible. Every time we get a promise that they will behave someone prominent lets them down.

You see if they have all been bribed by EU money then they will always be tainted. Politics has always had a bad name but sometimes it feels as if we are being ruled by the Mafia. The Mafia did however have their own code of honour...there is no honour at Westmonster! David Laws should be facing a judge.

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