Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Foreign Aid

David Cameron telling lies about the cuts he's forcing on Islington

                                                              Is he really a Conservative?

At last a sign that there really is a Tory party in this country! The PM appears to be determined to increase Foreign Aid by billions despite the austerity cuts that he is imposing on his own people. How can he expect us to take him seriously when he can't get his priorities right? What alien concept drives him on to squander this money on 'dodgy' African and Asian regimes when we so desperately need it at home?

Now a letter sent to the PM by Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox has been leaked to the press challenging the plans of the PM to enshrine this Aid in law! Madness, but typical of all those career politicians who insist on supporting the EU. Today a Daily Mail columnist, Ian Birrell, also attacks the Cameron plan to gift our money to a variety of African despots and to other countries who don't actually need it.

Finally a right wing perspective is being aired! The Conservative party should reign Cameron in and remind him of their pledges to this country. What happened to the British Bill of Rights, the bonfire of quangos or the capping of Town Hall salaries? Nothing is happening, everything is the same as when Blair was around. Nobody (apart from Nigel Farage) challenges the EU, the World Banks or the UN! At the last election all we did was swop Gordon Brown for David Cameron! The NoLab party swopped Gordon Brown for Ed Miliband but the same old Wednesday lunch time Punch and Judy show continues where the PM swats away questions like Gordon Brown and Tony Blair did before him. Amazingly they never seem to debate the important issues that concern the public.

Oh and of course the great British public have become so apathetic that one wonders what it will take to wake them from their slumber. Whenever it comes it will be years too late.

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Lee said...

The liberal elite who rule this country just don't have a clue; they have no idea about how much poverty there is in this country. Several years ago when I was doing voluntary work I was in the office when a woman came in and a few minutes later fainted because she hadn't eaten for three days...then there was the man walking fifteen miles a day to attend college because he couldn't afford the bus fare...and of course, there's myself, diagnosed with chronic bronchitis three years ago because for ten years I couldn't afford to heat the house properly during the winter.

Charity begins at home Mr. Cameron...mind you, your family doesn't need any.