Thursday, 26 May 2011

Family comes first!

I often rage at the education system which in my opinion totally lets down the kids of today because they have destroyed the standards of yesteryear, wrecked discipline in the classroom and presided over a system which denegrates clever kids. Michelle Obama promoted a cliche yesterday when she announced that 'being bright is cool'. This is a message which has been missing from our state education for twenty years or more.

Bright kids have been forgotten in this country and have often been castigated as 'geeks'. Who wants to be known as a 'geek'? The only kids worthy of consideration seem to be the airheads who regard presentation as being more important than knowledge.

The people who really seem to treasure education are the immigrants. They know the value of qualifications, the rewards of study and the benefits of a healthy mind. They know it because they have had to fight for it! Education in many countries of this world is still not a right and yet our kids ignore it and are allowed to just prat around.

However, I detect a change in many of the schools. I don't think that this has anything to do with the teachers' unions but a desire from individual staffs to do the right thing. Now here comes the pathetic bit ... today my eldest grandaughter got the best SATs results in her class...and my second youngest won the gold medal in a multi sports contest!!!  You can't help yourself can you!!!?


NewsboyCap said...


Congratulations to your Grandchildren

But don't you think that the 'Dumbing down' of our children has a purpose, and is part of the plan too keep us all asleep.

bryboy said...

Oh that is is so true friend. I am well versed in that crap. I have seen intelligent mates over the moon that their kids have been awarded A* grades. Unfortunately that is human nature and that is what we must guard against!

PS Of course that doesn't apply to my grandkids!!!