Saturday, 21 May 2011

Just like Cairo!

There is a protest growing in Madrid which bears comparison with the recent one in Cairo. Thousands of young people have descended upon a square in Madrid and erected tentage protesting against the ban on 'protesting' which the Spanish government (in typical EU fashion) attempted to impose on the public.

Apparently this movement is expanding and growing so that demonstrations are taking place all over the country. At last the young of one European country have realised that their futures depend on their own actions and it simply is not sufficient to bury themselves behind the pages of 'Facebook' or the gibberings of 'Twitter'.

I suspect that the Spanish have seen what happened to Greece, Portugal and Ireland and know that they are next on the list if they do not rescue their country from the euro. Unlike the British they are not scared of the police. Their kids for example can still go out and play in the streets and parks.

I have always believed that the EU is such a corrupt organisation that sooner or later it would come crashing down. The only uncertainty is how much grief will it cause before we can repair our lives. I can only hope that the protestors in Madrid embarrass their Political Class to such an extent that this movement begins to cross borders. Viva Espana!

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