Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Political Class

It is really becoming difficult how to sum up the behaviour of our Political Class. Anyone who has regularly visited this blog will already know that I have little time for the morals and behaviour or the Political Class. I know that I am not alone. Even though the modern acceptance of all things decadent prevails, there is still in this country a hardcore decency which even the EU/Bilderberger/Common Purpose group will find hard to destroy.

Take Ken Clarke...he has been a constant visitor to the Bilderberger meetings which apparently decides the media/banking direction of the world. Ken Clarke is the only constant British attendant of the Bilderburger meetings since the early nineteen nineties. That means he has another agenda than that of being a British MP. He is utterly the wrong person to be the Justice Secretary in this troubled world that we face. His slavish acceptance of anything EU-ish is not what this country wants and so his attempts to weaken our Justice system even further has been met with astonishment!

Ken Clarke is an experienced politician. He is also an arrogant bully who knows exactly how secure he is because of the support of the EU and the Bilderberger meetings (like Dominick Strauss-Khan). Witness his view on rape!

Under NoLab we have witnessed the weakening of the Justice system in this country on all fronts. The tariff system which most of us don't agree with, the plea bargaining which most of us don't like is not justice. We should not leave it to lawyers/politicians to decide sentences. It should be left to judges (if we can trust them) to decide the severity of the crime.

Let us be quite the moment rapists (and generally most other criminals)  receive sentences which are ludicrously inadequate. All Ken Clarke is doing is saving money because the money which should be available for our criminal justice system is disappearing into the EU and Foreign Aid. That is the problem.

They all support the EU because it is their backstop. They are redistributing our money all over the world but at home we cannot afford anything. The criminals live in a luxurious world which the rest of us cannot afford. NoLab created this ridiculously politically correct system which is woeful. We all know that difficult prison sentences deters criminals. It is human nature. Bang them up, treat them badly and they won't want to return!

Ken Clarke is currently on BBC Question Time and losing the fight against Melanie Phillips of the Daily Mail. In my opinion she has, in one passionate speech, exposed the politicians which include Jack Straw who was instrumantal in the nonsense that we have inherited today.

As usual the BBC invited a biased audience to support their left wing stance. 'QuestionTime' used to be an honest programme. Shami Chakrabati has just said that we are 'one of the wealthiest countries in the world' but here in Loughborough they have just closed the public toilets. It doesn't feel like it down here!

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