Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Will this be the lesson that the TSG need?

This is PC Simon Harwood who today was found guilty of causing the death of Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests. Unfortunately for PC Harwood there were video cameras around at the time that captured his violent push which sent a man with his hands in his pockets flying onto the pavement.

I have often thought that the modern police force appear to have two faces. This was demonstrated at the 'occupation' of Fortnum and Mason by UK UnCut where a female officer negotiated a 'return home' with the protestors who then walked out to be arrested by a different entity.

Locally we still have the acceptable face of the police where I have met helpful and reasonable officers but nationally there appears to be another force of aggressive, intimidatory bullies, officers who are specifically recruited for their role of getting stuck into the public. It is called the Territorial Support Group (TSG) and we have all seen the footage.

This is borne out by PC Harwood who had previous. Apparently he was facing misconduct charges in the late nineties after a 'road rage' incident but was allowed to retire on medical grounds. He later rejoined Surrey police in 2003 and very soon after linked up with the TSG. He sounds ideal material for it!

I just hope that this incident makes some of them realise that they are not bomb proof. If they use excessive violence (and they do) they may have to face the consequences. I know that they often face difficult situations, in my army days in Northern Ireland I stood alongside them quite often, but developing a squad of swaggering bullies is not the answer. I hope that lessons will be learned from this unfortunate incident.


nominedeus said...

The police are no longer the 'good' guy bobies that we have long been programmed into thinking they are, have a visit to mine and see the ugly face of things that have arrived!

bryboy said...

Tks for your interest. As you will see from my latest post I followed up and posted a link to your place. We must continue to expose this behaviour.