Sunday, 1 May 2011

When does a nuisance become a terrorist?

Prior to the Royal Wedding the police targetted a host of 'nuisances' and arrested them so that the great day would not be interrupted. This wedding went out to the whole world so we could not have one or two oddballs spoiling the spectacle. Of course that underpins that we in 'good old UK' are a happy law abiding public and nothing is wrong.

The fact that the British are deeply distressed by the political alliance with the EU which of course is an unelected, unaudited and probable criminal organisation should not be allowed to cloud the great day. I do wonder why, on that great day for the Royal Family, how absolutely no evidence of the mass immigration or the Muslim community appeared on the telly (Was a deal done behind the scenes?).

This was good old England of the fifties, it was an illusion and a charade. It is such a pity because we all wanted to rejoice with the happy couple (who I believe are genuine) but behind them is a machine grinding us into submission. When innocent British citizens are rounded up purely on the pretence that they might be a nuisance then we must all beware. The only aberration was that a lone Guardsman fell off his horse which would not have happened in the fifities!

I know that Charlie Veitch is a political activist but for heaven's sake that is all he is. He does not blow anyone up! He is also not alone because many innocent protestors were picked up purely on 'nuisance' charges the day before the wedding. None of them are terrorists. None of them are dangerous. None of them are threatening because all of them just actually oppose the Political Class.

I am passionate about this because I saw the East German regime close at hand. I saw what they did to their people. I can clearly see the same scenario developing in this country. It won't last because it never does because in the end the people rebel and the Socialists always ruin the economy before they disappear onto their next traitorous project.

Money corrupts and power corrupts absolutely.  We are all obviously well on the way to a police state. We dissident bloggers should all be aware because no doubt we are all potential targets. Oh well... perhaps I will then meet my blogging brother in person... somewhere in Bulgaria!!!

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