Sunday, 15 May 2011

Dr David Kelly

david kelly

Another of the controversies which has haunted the Blair/Campbell regime and refuses to disappear is the alleged 'suicide' and subsequent cover up following the death of Dr David Kelly. There are so very many doubts about this 'suicide' as highlighted in yesterday's Daily Mail that surely someone in government  must reopen the enquiry and examine the discrepancies which has always clouded the original verdict.

Apparently Attorney General Dominic Grieve is deciding whether to hold an inquest. I cannot understand what could possibly hold him back unless of course it wasn't suicide and an inquest would implicate some very important people. The longer he delays however, the longer the doubts remain and there is a group of doctors waiting in the background who are determined to see justice done. I cannot help but feel that this mysterious event is covering something which is extremely murky.

They can't hide it forever...can they?

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