Monday, 23 May 2011

What a shame!

Ryan Giggs has been an iconic footballer for twenty years. From his very early days he was feted, honoured, admired and rewarded for the talented footballer that he was. In his very early days he attracted attention from the ladies. He was bound to attract that attention but surely there comes a time when even Ryan Giggs (who can have his pick) marries an exceptional girl.

Let's face it he has tried them all! When he decided to get married  he must be pretty sure that she is the one because he has a choice...a wide choice...why get married if you still want to play the field?

His future off the football pitch was ensured. He was an ambassador for football almost akin to Sir Bobby Charlton. He was the modern day hero, a God above all others, his place in history was ensured and he ruined it for a fling with a 'model'...a 'model' who he could have had at any time! He then compounded his error by trying to cover it up with a legal injunction. Immediately it has all unravelled! He is no longer the wonder footballer, the icon who has graced generations of footballers, the Manchester United legend or the 'father' of the recent ManU squad!

He has become a rather squalid character who will forever be remembered as a 'cheat' and a 'philanderer', possibly even a liar, but definitely not a person to be trusted. His legacy has been destroyed and it is a lesson for every Premiership footballer. You were given a God given talent but there is a life after football.

Life for Ryan Giggs or his wife will never be the same. He has ruined their image and his own image. He will become the object of jokes and jibes and people will forget his wonderful talent. Ryan Giggs was and is a 'one off'! He is still a great footaballer but unfortunately he will be remembered more for his off field activities.What a Shame!

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