Monday, 9 May 2011

Last Word on Osama....?

I have often written about Pakistan because I believe that it, as a nation, is probably behind most of the terrorism in the modern world. We often read about our young, radicalised, Muslim men going to Pakistani training camps and emerging skilled at almost everything which will kill us. It was therefore no surprise to discover that Osama bin Laden was found alive and well living a few hundred yards from a major Pakistani military base. This despite Pakistan receiving billions in aid from us and the Americans.

It is quite difficult to sum up my feelings but a video is currently doing the rounds which does. It is spoken by Pat Condell who I had never heard of but he is described by Wikipedia as 'an English writer and comedian'.
Well Mr Condell has, in a fearless style, summed up what many of us believe but are reluctant to actually say in public. See what you think! 

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