Monday, 9 May 2011

The European Union and its currency

I cannot believe why ALL our mainstream politicians support the European Union. During the past three years I have constantly blogged that any organisation which cannot be audited should not be allowed to exist on public money. It would not be contemplated in any other walk of life so why do people like David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband support what is to all extents a criminal organisation? None of the commissioners have been elected and yet they are allowed to bestride the world stage with impunity.

The member states are suffering. Before they joined the euro zone most of the economies of the western powers were safe. Now Greece is reportedly coming out of the euro to start again because as a country it is bankrupt. Ireland is following a similar path out of desperation and how long before Portugal, Italy and Spain follow suit?

I know nothing of international finance but it seems clear to me that the economies of the civilized western powers are being systematically wrecked by someone somewhere. How come all of these countries are struggling if membership of the EU is such an advantage? What will it take before the Political Class are exposed as being part of one of the worst conspiracies on record? How much will it eventually cost the British taxpayer even though we are not part of the euro zone (how does that work by the way?)?

I am sorry but we will never get back to honest politics until the charlatans that inhabit Westmonster are forced to admit that they have let us all down. They have wasted billions of pounds which could have been used to give us the quality of life we deserve. We pay so much in taxes and yet can never find politicians who will distribute it evenly without favour.

One day we will discover who put this farce into action and then there will be a whole lot of people with serious questions to answer. Until then we all know why they won't give us a referendum on our membership of the EU. They know that we would reject it out of hand and then it would collapse like a pack of cards because it is only our money that maintains the deceit.

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