Sunday, 15 May 2011

Dominick Who?

This is Dominick Strauss-Khan who apparently is the French head of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and in France is quite a prominent member of the political class. He was hauled off an Air France flight about to depart New York after he had allegedly tried to rape a chamber maid in his hotel.

What a schmuck! He has all that power and all that wealth and he still could not be discreet. He is of course a major figure in the New World Order and they appear to believe that they are above the law. In the UK of course that is true and possibly that will be proven by the allegations against Chris Huhne which emerged this weekend.

What is it about the LibDems? The sleaze attached to power continues and it is apparent that nobody who arises to prominence in the era of the European Union can be trusted or respected. It transpires that they are all on the take or vulnerable or weak or greedy. But then I have long believed that much of the purpose of Common Purpose, the organisation that recruits for the EU, is based on Rothschild lines.

Find the clever but weak and corrupt them. If you acknowledge that, then the extent of their influence is really scary. Everywhere we look the Political Class is corrupt. They all seem to have 'issues', so how the hell do they get there? Where are the 'straight' politicians? Who can we trust?

Hell if the head of the IMF tries to rape the chambermaid what else will emerge?  We just wait for the next exposure and then of course vote for their successor. When will the English public learn?

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