Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Libya...mission creep continues!

                                                   Tripoli - a pilot's view

I have quietly been watching the mission creep escalating in Libya because I know that our politicians under orders from the EU will not hesitate to involve the UK armed services in this civil war.  Slowly we are getting more and more involved even though we are supposed to be skint.

Where is the money coming from? How come we can't afford pensions or public toilets because of the austerity programme but we can bomb the hell out of Tripoli and deploy Apache helicopters to join in the fighting?

Why is it so essential to get the British armed forces involved in yet another war? This is our third military excursion in the past fifteen years and on every occasion it has been utterly unnecessary. There is a nasty game developing here and all our major politicians are involved. It appears to me that there is a determination to weaken our military power come what may and our servicemen are being used and abused.

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