Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Chilcott Enquiry

The Chilcott Enquiry is dragging on and on and is now becoming irrelevant. Whenever I have seen the enquiry in 'action' it is so very civilized and non threatening. It has interviewed Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell, who frankly are two or the most experienced manipulators in our recent political history, and totally failed to pin them down on crucial matters which are in the public domain.

I don't think there is anyone who has considered the evidence who does not believe that both have cases to answer regarding the manipulation of intelligence which led to the Iraq War. Now an E-Mail sent to the enquiry by Major General Michael Laurie has been released and he claims that Blair and Campbell lied to the Enquiry. If that is true Sir John Chilcott surely must ask for proof of this accusation and get them both back again to answer the charges. It has gone on far too long.

Apparently Chilcott has delayed the publication of his findings until the summer giving himself time to contact those who he intends to 'criticise'. I think most people would think that this is far too mild given the scale of the charges.

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