Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Red Ed and Scotland!

I read that the Labour MP for the Scottish constituency Inverclyde has died. David Cairns aged 44 had a majority of 14000. At the recent Scottish parliamentary elections the SNP dominated the electorate to such an extent that I believe that NoLab has been rumbled in Scotland. I have posted ever since the inception of this blog that the modern Labour party has no socialist policies to such an extent that very early on I labelled them NoLab.

Alex Salmond realised this and the SNP claimed the left for themselves. This was affirmed for me by Grumpy RN when he pounced on one of my recent posts. I never mind being 'advised' by those who live the problem. We live and learn. So back to the point of this post...if the Scots have become as disillusioned with NoLab as so many south of the border have could we have a real upset in Inverclyde?

This could be a real test for 'Red' Ed Miliband. He is not what I would term a political leader. He comes across as a lightweight. His mentor, Gordon Brown, is holed below the plumbline. In the recent Scottish elections NoLab even lost Kirkcaldy...which I must admit was long overdue. Brown has let them down badly. There is absolutely nothing socialist about Gordon Brown.

So will Inverclyde be the nemesis for Ed Miliband? Can he really lose a 14000 majority in Scotland? If the Scottish vote collapses then what is the future of the Labour party? The people currently leading the Labour party bear no resemblance to Keir Hardie. They have no connection with the electorate in Scotland and the antics of their leadership in Scotland in recent years (Hollie Greig for example) has obviously resonated with the Scottish public. It pains me to say it but the Scots are better educated (generally) and much more discerning than many of the English or the immigrants.

They have rejected the Tories outright, then they rejected the LibDems and finally they have heroically rejected the Scottish Labour party. I just wonder if the salvation of the UK will emerge from Scotland. Once the band wagon rolls then it picks up momentum. The old adage that the king is in the altogether always holds sway. British politics is a lie. The EU is a lie. I even believe that the monarchy is a lie. The truth must eventually emerge but we need leaders to emerge with it.

Will the Scots lead us to the truth? They might if Inverclyde falls to the SNP.

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