Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Territorial Support Group

No sooner had I posted about the aggressive tactics of the Territorial Support Group than more evidence came to light thanks to a blog 'nominedeus' that I had not visited before.  This type of policing is alien to a democracy and has no place in this country. I am convinced that they are acting outside of the law and their arrogance and contempt for the public is clear.

Instead of conducting the weekly 'Punch and Judy' show from Westmonster known as PM's Question Time perhaps there is the odd MP who would like to question the behaviour of the TSG before they kill someone else. The evidence is now on YouTube that East Germany has arrived on the streets of England.

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nominedeus said...

The tactics being used today by the police are a steady 'mission creep' of misuse of their powers...they are not being held accountable, and the way they come across in encounters with them is that they are the final arbiters of what we can and cannot do. The vast majority of people believe them when confronted with their 'strong' attitude and unresponsive is time the people were educated and stood upm to them, if it is not already too late to do so!
Thanks for the Link, much appreciated!