Saturday, 14 May 2011

Back Again!

'' which is the engine that drives so much of the blogosphere has been down for the past couple of days so nobody has been able to post. To be honest I did wonder if the government had taken steps to pull it down but apparently not. If they did it might just be the catalyst which would bring people onto the streets.

I often think that the blogosphere is the real opposition to the Political Class, the Criminal Class and the European Union. It is really immense and punchy and frankly much more interesting than the the mainstream media (MSM). Almost everything is exposed on the blogosphere and one visit to a blog such as Max Farquar demonstrates that nobody is safe. By the way if you still don't know the identities of those 'safeguarded' by super injunctions that is the blog to visit.

So back to normal and I must now find something to grumble about. Still with the attitude and stupidity of our Political Class it won't be too long before something else breaks. I hear that Gordon Brown is currently 'appearing' in Las Vegas. I just wondered if he was trying to win our money back


Julian said...

I wonder what he is doing there? Not like Gordon to gamble with his own money.

bryboy said...

Hi Julian... glad to hear fm you again. I cannot comment on your blog as 'Bryboy'! I really want to visit you and I have done but somehow I cannot comment. Pse advise me bro'. Gordon of course like all the socialists is 'on the make' but even the burgers of Kirkcaldy have turned against NoLab. Gordon has effectively disenfranchised them but then he always did spit on the public.