Sunday, 8 May 2011

Independence for Scotland?

There is much discussion on the blogosphere about the plans of Alex Salmond and the SNP. Very many people are pinning their hopes on a new Republic of Scotland meaning that we, the English, would have to reapply to retain our membership of the EU. The thinking members of the public realise that we will never again have control of our own destiny whilst paying homage to the unelected, unaudited commissars in Brussels.

Unfortunately I don't believe in fairy tales. Alex Salmond is a mainstream politician and therefore he will have no intention of leaving the EU. He is allegedly an EU supporter (of course) and so he will be mindful not to rock the boat. Already he is playing two ends against the middle by proposing that an independent Scotland would retain the Queen as Head of State. It doesn't sound like an independent nation to me.

I suspect that when the dust settles the Scottish people who voted for independence will suddenly realise that nothing much has changed. Alex Salmond will be in a stronger position personally but he won't go near any type of referendum. The people won't get a say on anything because that is not the way of the EU. The only time that any of the people will ever get a voice will be when they fight for it! One day it will come but I suspect that I will be long gone when it does.


GrumpyRN said...

"the Scottish people who voted for independence",
No one has voted for independence yet, all we have voted for is an SNP government which wants the right to decide what is best for Scotland. Even the SNP recognises that not every SNP voter wants independence. Come about 2015 we will get a referendum which will be overwhelmingly against independence but will allow SNP to say they have allowed the people to speak. They will continue to have populist policies - NHS, free education, no prescription charges which are being denied to our cousins to the south.
The Scottish people do get a voice, we told Cameron, Clegg and Milliband to piss off.

Have a look at
if you can understand the accent it is only a couple of minutes long.

bryboy said...

Tks for your input. I think that I worded it badly so happy to be corrected. My parents were from Motherwell so I have no problem with the accent!!!