Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Endemic Corruption

The current difficulties facing the FIFA President Sepp Blatter before his 'coronation' later this week only mirror the problems that The Political Class of all faiths consistently fail to address in our wider society. I don't think that any intelligent person truly believes that Qatar is the best placed country to hold a World Cup Final event. Furthermore nobody who has the ability to to analyse really believes that the vote which placed Qatar at the forefront of soccer's premier event was nothing short of 'dodgy'. In my opinion if the vote for Qatar was 'dodgy' then so was the vote for Russia and both 'elections' should be revisited by a new presiding authority

It does not seem to matter where one looks today corruption or the suspicion of corruption rears its ugly head. The headline in today's Daily Mail just about sums up the state of the nation.  The scandal of the public service fatcats and their huge pensions is a national disgrace. I don't know how this culture was allowed to take root or from whence it emanated but of course behind everything that is rotten in our society lies the European Union.

It is only since the inception of this monstrously unaudited organisation run by a relatively small consortium of unelected commissioners that the problems within our society have escalated. The EU has interfered with every aspect of our lives. Our law has been corrupted, our public services have been dissipated and financially embarrassed through the outrageous demands of the fatcats and the quangos, many of themn funded by the EU, have been allowed to prosper despite Tory election pledges of a 'bonfire of quangos'.

Behind the appointment of many of the fatcats lies the furtive and secretive recruitment organisation 'Common Purpose' who I blogged about very early on in the life of this blog. Common Purpose is well known in the blogosphere but never mentioned in the mainstream media not even by the right wing columnists like Melanie Phillips of the Mail.

It is my contention that until we rid ourselves of Common Purpose we will never get sanity back into our public services. We will never regain honesty and we will never allocate taxes back to their original intention of funding Public Services for the benefit of the public. I am becoming increasingly dissappointed by David Cameron. I have so far given him and the Coalition the benefit of the doubt because we cannot afford the Miliband bandwagon back in charge of the country's finance ever again. His support of the EU however undermines any pretence of honesty.

He has so far failed to curb the EU judges, failed to tackle the Human Rights Act which recently was used to free a guy from Nottingham out of prison because he claimed that he was the sole carer of his five children! Nobody however has explained who was caring from his kids when he was out 'robbing' in the middle of the night! We are still being invaded by immigrants from all over the world. Our contributions to the EU climb ever higher. No bonfire of quangos and no curb of public service fatcat pensions and salaries.

The Prison Service is in disarray and no wonder because we have over 10,000 foreign prisoners who apparently cannot be deported because of...you've guessed it...the Human Rights Act! It means that an immigrant can go down to the pub, pick up a slapper, have a one night stand, get her pregnant and lo and behold he has a right to a family life in this country! Nobody can defend that kind of legal corruption. This one piece of legal mumbo jumbo has askewed our legal system out of all belief.

I'm afraid that corruption has beome part of our society. It clearly comes from the very, very, top of our society and won't change until we get rid of them.

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