Friday, 6 May 2011

I despair.....!

Not so black and white: Why the reasons for New Labour's rise and fall are more complex than we think

We will never recover from the miserable years that NoLab were in power. Between them they changed the character of this country forever and once it was done they ruined the economy! They sold us out to the EU, introduced EU law including the Human Rights Act, politicised the police and the Civil Service.

Even today whenever pressed they cannot produce one policy designed to make life better for the public. As a group they are utterly useless, incapable of decision, administration or organisation. Quite rightly they got crushed in the last General Election and were only held together by the North East, the Inner Cities, Wales and Scotland.

The record of the Labour led councils is abysmal. They have the worst records for financial acumen and are world leaders at the creation of non-jobs for the loyalists. I cannot think of one redeeming feature for a party which sold out to posh people from public schools and grasping militant Union bosses.

None of us can ever claim to be happy with the Con/Lib coalition but at least they are trying to reduce the deficit left by Nolab. So what do the braindead electorate do...they vote for NoLab again...I despair! Only the Scots have shown that they have received the message. It is now clear that independence seems to be a better option than clinging to the coat tails of the EU dominated Westminster parliament.

If Alex Salmond gets his mandate I hope that he opts out of the Union. The big question then might be would he give the Scots a referendum on the EU? It would appear that the Scots have 'rumbled' NoLab and despaired of the LibDems. What else was left? British politics is at an all time new low.


Julian said...

If Salmond announces his intention to opt out of the EU I think Scotland could be faced with a big influx of immigrants. English immigrants. Form an orderly queue behind me, please!

bryboy said...

To true Bro, I have relatives up there so perhaps I will apply for a preferential visa!! Perhaps I could be sponsored by my four year old grandaughter!