Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Islam again and again!

Gates of Vienna

This is the impressive emblem announcing the blog Gates of Vienna which I visit from time to time. It concentrates on the problems thrown up by Islamification and at the moment there is a right royal 'comments' war following his post on 'making the election about Islam'.

Apparently the UKIP  candidate for South Leicester, a Christian of Asian background, Abhijit Pandya has made some controversial comments about the Muslim faith which were picked up by the Leicester Mercury. Immediately they have tried to stifle any debate attacking Mr Pandya for his views.  It has resulted in UKIP canvassers being chased down the streets by muslim youths brandishing knives.

The problem is that this debate must be held some time. We have allowed mass immigration to thrive uncontrolled so much that huge inner city areas have become ghettoised. Within these ghettos live thousands of people who are unemployable. They are not all muslims but a significant number are because they don't appear to have the same work ethic as we have (or shall I say most of us have). They contribute nothing to our society but are here in such numbers that the welfare bill to support them is enormous.

The mainstream politicians refuse to acknowledge or debate the problem. Every time that someone tries (usually BNP or EDL) they are howled down with the usual cries of 'rascist'. I am pleased that Mr Pandya has been brave enough to embrace the dilemma and even more pleased that he represents UKIP. We need conviction politicians, we need brave men and he deserves support. In the upcoming election UKIP appear to be the only viable alternative to the EU supporting Con/Lib/Lab clones.

It is high time that we introduced a rule into this country to deal with unproductive immigrants. Get a job or get out! I guarantee it would ease the burden of the NHS, the education system and the housing problem in a stroke. It won't happen until we throw off the shackles of the EU and if we don't do it soon we will be stuck with it. Naw I guess we are stuck with it, it is too late now.

That apart if you are fortunate enough to have a UKIP candidate standing in your area give him/her your vote. The more we challenge Westmonster the better. The British public are waking up...not quite enough yet but slowly they are asking questions. Slowly they are realising that something is wrong. It won't be sufficient to affect 5th May but who knows there may be a chink somewhere! OOPs sorry that is no reflection on Chinese ethnicity!!!


Julian said...

Sadly we don't have a UKIP candidate here to vote for.

You can read the article by Abhijit PG Pandya that caused all the controversy here. I guarantee that you will be cheering by the end of it!

The article has caused controversy within UKIP as well as outside it. Pandya's suggestion that Muslims who don't work should be repatriated could scare off more moderate supporters of UK independence who fear that such statements will make the party seem to be no more than the BNP in blazers.

bewick said...

I'm sure that I've recently read that a number of EU partners are doing exactly what Mr Pandya so sensibly suggests. Can't remember which ones but Scandanavian countries, Spain, perhaps even France are doing just that.
It is also interesting to note that few if any countries provide the free housing, free health care, and welfare benefits to the economic migrants/"asylum seekers" at anything like the level provided in the UK.
Which of course is why the many young male muslims fleeing "oppression" in the Middle East (instead of staying to defeat it) head for the UK.
Their belief that they won't have to work seems justified by official stats.(45% male muslims don't work) Their friends and relatives already here have clearly told them. Later, of course, they will invoke "family reunification" laws. I believe Denmark has severely tightened its own version of those - until the ECHR try to rule that illegal.

Oh and thanks Bryboy for your words of support on GoV during my spat with the idiot 4symbols. I chose not to continue it because he clearly has a mental problem.

bryboy said...

Tks for your input guys. This problem of the reluctance of so many immigrants to find employment has to be aired. I would like community service to be introduced so that everyone has to contribute to qualify for benefits. In this way they would be compelled to integrate and also be forced to contribute to society. It is time to stop the something for nothing culture. We are far too soft!