Thursday, 26 May 2011

Libya...what now? Will we have Paras to send in?

The public are beginning to wake up! On Question Time tonight someone asked why we are effectively on 'mission creep' in Libya? The public are beginning to realise that our troops are continually on the front line. Of course this comes hard on top of the news that our government wants to abolish the pay awarded to the Parachute Regiment.

They probably get about £6 a day extra for their additional qualification and that has no bearing on the massive defence economy,. How many bombs have we dropped on Tripoli which would cover the £6 pounds a day awarded to the Paras? No it is clear that someone, somewhere is trying to discourage brave young men from being a paratrooper. How low will they get?

On and on they attack the forces on every front. At every opportunity they discourage the young from joining the forces. It is no longer a 22 year career like it was when I joineed the army. The married quarters have been neglected and so many are being maimed and killed. Someone from 'the powers that be' is hell bent on the destruction of the British Armed Forces.

I served for 25 years but when my late son announced that he was joining the TA I almost begged him not to augment the cannon fodder that so many before him had become. The British Army is persona non grata to the Political Class. They are scared of the British Army. Why?

Well the ethics of their code of honour is alien to the Political Class, their honesty is alien to the Political Class , their loyalty is alien to the Political Class, their sense of duty is alien to the Political Class so of course the Political Class will attempt to destroy this alien force. Witness the antics of Ed Miliband.

If the guys who have faced the Taliban came home and one of their leaders decided to confront the European Union then it could just be the catalyst for a major popular rebellion. The populace is ready. The rebellion has spread to Spain, Greece and apparently to France. Will it spread here? I believe that it will take an extraordinary act  of  treachery before we get  angry.

Sorry I keep banging on but it is inevitable. We cannot keep living a lie. When the rebellion arrives it will not be pretty. Too many people have too much to lose and that is where trained troops under good leadership will win the day and that is why the Political Class keep inventing wars for our servicemen. I smell fear!

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