Friday, 27 May 2011

Ed Balls

I think that most of us has an opinion about Ed Balls! He comes across as an arrogant bully which may be because he was associated with Gordon Brown. As I write this I am trying to find one redeeming feature which would let him off the hook but frankly Ed Balls is the epitome of the disgust which decent people equate to the Political Class.

Today one of his proteges found herself in court because she presided over a Social Service system which failed to protect a little boy who was horrifically abused by his parents right under the very noses of the people who should have saved him. Everyone knows the case of 'Baby P' and most of us shudder at the ineptitude which allowed the people to torture this little boy.

Today the former head of Haringey Social Services, Sharon Shoesmith, who, in my opinion, was the product of the NoLab/EU production line of useless but financially rewarded 'slaves' won a court verdict which revealed that she was sacked illegally!

The case of 'Baby P' made national headlines. It was horrific! Only the most unfeeling of people would not be ashamed of their part in the death of this little boy. Most of us would crawl into the long grass if we had been part of it but not Sharon Shoesmith. She has been 'unfairly' dismissed and of course legally she was unfairly sacked. Anyone else would die of shame but that brings me back to Ed Balls.

Could any other politician make such a horlicks of the process which required the sacking of an incompetent female? Did he not glance at the rules? Did he not consult a lawyer? He was head of a governmental department which no doubt over employed legal representatives by the dozen but good old Ed did the deed himself to gain the headlines!

Ed Balls fails time after time! He is useless but like so many other failures he is kept alive by the BBC. How can we get rid of them? How can this absolute prat still have support? Sharon Shoesmith, of all people, has just won a  court verdict against him which I suppose just about sums up his judgement. I wonder what his wife (Yvette Cooper) thinks of that?


NewsboyCap said...


Seconded, every word true.

But, alas there is no way out of the predicament we are in, corruption, ineptitude is rife amongst the ruling class, regardless of the colour of tie.

Bloody rebellion is the only way out for us now.

JOHN HOOD said...


Most public bodies are acting like Nazis in breach of the Convention of Europe for the Protection of Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms.

No wonder it took successive British Governments 54 years before those rights were incorporated into English law only to then be abused and undermined by most public bodies.

There is no true Britishness in the way Ed Balls treated Miss Shoesmith.

More please.