Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Police State?

Two cases have hit the headlines today which frankly I never thought I would witness in the UK. Firstly a member of the Territorial Support Group has been charged with manslaughter and secondly much closer to my home four members of the police have been charged following the suicide of Fiona Pilkington and her daughter.

This disregard of police responsibility which involves the vulnerable in our society is a serious problem. We are becoming a nation that accepts bullying. We are losing our moral compass and that is particularly prevalent in education where any teacher who confronts bad behaviour almost inevitably faces a disciplinary panel.

It is ominous because if discipline is allowed to break down in the classroom (and it has) then the children cannot learn. Life for teachers in the modern school must  be very
(hell) difficult because their hands are tied when it becomes to the discipline of the difficult kids.

In the modern world created by the EU and the Political Class (both the same) every value that we ever held dear is being destroyed. Our family friendly police force (epitomised by Dixon of Dock Green) has been wiped from the face of our land. Our society is under attack like never before and yet when you see the politicians on TV they appear so reasonable. They do not appear like traitors but if you follow the blogosphere then you begin to understand what is happening.

The British people are beginning to wake up. It has taken a long time but it is happening. Challenges are appearing in court because the Magna Carta has been replaced by an edict from the EU and that cannot happen in this country! It is called treason and if we can just persuade a few members of our traditional ruling class who talk posh to challenge the EU then battle will be joined.

Will we get any convictions?  That is another question.

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