Friday, 28 January 2011

Is this a real People's Revolt... and will it spread?

The news broadcasts reflect a chaotic situation in Egypt where the people have really rebelled against their government. Tens of thousands appear to have decided that enough is enough and they seem to have a point. The interesting point is that, unlike Tunisia, this is a people's revolt and not an Islamic rebellion. The people have taken to the streets because they are seriously brassed off.

They are equating their protests to the fall of the Berlin Wall and wow now the Arab population are seeking a freedom that they have never had. They want a stake in their own decadent that the people want to replace a wickedly governing partty and now in Egypt the genie is out of the bottle.

Frankly it is the type of protest that we need here! We do not have a democratic protest but our people are deeply unhappy. I know because there is an undercurrent  of dissatisfaction which one can hear in every household and every pub in the land. We Brits have that jokey irony which masks our anger. We are actually very pissed off with our political parties. They are not reflecting our desires. This is a very dangerous situation because if The Political Class ignore the electorate as they are doing now then they will one day pay the consequences.

At the moment we winge and complain but as yet the event has not happened that will tip the people over the edge. It will come! One day we will have an atrocity that our government cannot ignore and the people will be so outraged that they will march on London and throw the serving PM into the Thames! David Cameron or Ed Miliband or Nick Clegg please don't ignore the public because frankly this public rebellion is closer than you believe.

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