Thursday, 6 January 2011

The European Quango Racket

A disturbing exposee by the Daily Mail today highlighted much of what is wrong in our modern society. Now I know that not everything that we read in the mainstream media can be taken as gospel but much of this story rings alarm bells as to why we are in such a parlous financial muddle.

The head of a quango linked to the Foreign Office, UK Trade and Investment, sent out an E-Mail urging his employees to invent ways of spending £1 million because they were in grave danger of 'underspending'. Now I had seen this fear of 'underspending' when I was in Local Govt as some people used up their budgets at the end of the financial year.

The real scandal is however, linked to the man who suggested this ruse. He is one of the Bonus Class (a wonderful example in fact) as he was a career Civil Servant who was 'selected' for service with the 'European Community'. His reward was his very own quango with a salary of £250000 and according to the Mail a pension pot of £60,000 per annum which I suspect he is now claiming as he has just left the quango for another job with an investment bank.

Now the reason that I am labouring this point is to illustrate how the European quango racket is run. The EU sting us, the taxpayer, for as much as our politicans will pay. They then fund hundreds of quangos which of course eat into the nation's wealth without actually achieving anything.

UK Trade and Investment apparently employs 2300 people!! As such it is hardly trying to hide away so the PM and his Cabinet must be well aware of this huge drain on our resources. It is almost white collar crime and the pity is that most of the electorate are blissfully unaware of what the EU is up to.

We have created and tolerated this Bonus Class but the depths of their greed and treachery is reaching breathtaking proportions. Of course within the Political Class only the BNP declared war on the bonus culture and the efforts that were taken to silence them were truly terrifying! Fear creates a rare spite.

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